Website Design

Make your first impression count with an engaging website

website design
Your website is likely to be the starting point for your new customers. This is where first impressions are made, the customer journey begins and the process of engaging with your prospects commences. For existing customers too, your website may be a source of important information such as product news, application notes or user manuals.

Whatever the purpose of your website, we can design, build, optimise and host it. Using our knowledge of the laboratory technologies space we’ll create a great looking website that engages your audience and provides the experience that people working in laboratory environments expect.

  • Analytics

    One of the many advantages of digital marketing is measurability. You’ve perhaps heard the old saying in management circles, “You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” We’ll put the necessary tools in place so you can understand how people are engaging with your website, learn from the data and modify the website accordingly.

  • Accessibility

    Your customers may prefer to use your site from a mobile or a desktop device. Whatever digital channel they use, we’ll ensure a great experience by making navigation as quick and easy as possible.

  • Content Management

    If you prefer to manage and update the content of your website yourself, we’ll put the necessary Content Management System (CMS) in place so you can do just that. It’s important that content is updated and added to regularly, so having your own CMS puts you in the driving seat.

If you need to update your current website or need a new build, contact us to arrange an initial discussion.