PR + Technical Copy Writing

Compelling PR makes a huge difference to brand awareness

Public Relations Key

PR is perhaps one of the most effective marketing communications tools in the laboratory technologies space. It’s inexpensive to place, more widely read than any advertisement and it keeps your brand front of mind among your target audience. When communicating a complex or technical story, sometimes a more detailed article may be needed. A range of communication tools are available both on-line and off-line and developing the right mix will depend on your specific objectives. Working closely with our clients, we develop and then implement an agreed plan so you benefit from our long experience in the field.

  • News Releases

    PR & Technical Copywriting 1 Often underutilised, a short press release can be used regularly to keep your customers and the market more generally, informed of what’s new. Insight can help to develop a campaign of newsworthy items and stories that clients often overlook, so your brand is constantly in the media.

  • Media Relations

    After so many years working in the industry, Insight and our associates are well known in the scientific and technical media community. We leverage these relationships to keep your news in front of your audience and to ensure we secure additional opportunities to promote your brand.

  • Technical Articles

    A great way to extend your news releases is to produce a more detailed technical article to maximise the coverage of your story. Our technical copywriters know how to write compelling stories that appeal to a scientific or technical audience.

  • Advertising Copy

    Looking for that catchy headline or positioning statement? Our copy writers bring creativity to your marketing copy along with a strong technical background so we can take what may be a complex message and condense it into memorable and action focused words.

  • eNewsletters

    For a collection of news worthy stories and events an eNewsletter delivered directly to your customers and prospects can be a very effective tool. Great for analytics, it also provides a mechanism to drive traffic to your website and becomes part of the customer journey.

  • Content Marketing

    Nowadays everyone is bombarded by so called ‘content.’ So much so, it’s the new spam. That is, unless it’s relevant to your audience, helps them to solve issues and moves them gently along the customer journey. At Insight we create engaging content that uses keywords and phrases sensibly to optimise search results.

  • Campaign Development

    An article or a press release in isolation is of little value. But a planned and structured campaign can have a dramatic impact on brand awareness and lead generation. We work closely with clients to identify the best stories over a period of time, design and then implement the plan.

Our lead consultants have worked for many years in the laboratory technologies market, have managed marketing campaigns, written the PR and the brochure copy. We’ve been in your shoes and know what it takes to get marketing messages published widely.