International Marketing

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International marketing
When considering how you might grow your business, one option to be considered is Exporting your goods or services. This might involve market entry where you enter export markets for the first time, or market penetration where you increase the volume of sales in a market you are already selling into. If you plan to increase sales in Export markets, Insight can help in a variety of ways.

  • Distributors / Agents

    We can help find the right partner to achieve your business objectives. We will advise on which route is best, agent or distributor, and then find suitable partners, evaluate them and appoint them with an appropriate contract that protects your business interests.

  • Market Research

    Before you start selling into a particular market, you might want to consider questions such as, how big that market is, what is the potential and who the main competitors are. What barriers to entry exist and what export documentation is needed? These are all areas we can help with, educating your own staff so you ultimately have the skills and expertise you need in-house.

  • Practical Support

    Rather than theoretical training, we offer hands on, practical support working closely with you to ensure your internal sales support structure is suitable for your export activities. We can help maintain and motivate your dealers, develop export marketing plans and many other areas of international marketing activity.

Many companies take a rather casual approach to export sales. Often a distributor is ‘appointed’ on a so called “Gentleman’s Agreement” and then left with little or no support. It doesn’t need to be that way and Insight can help bring a level of professionalism to the process so your distributors become an extension of your domestic sales and marketing team.

If you need help with international marketing, contact us for an initial discussion. If we can’t help we’ll do our best to find someone that can!