Event Management

Exhibitions, seminars and product launches professionally organised and smoothly run

Events can be a very effective communications tool and an opportunity to meet face to face with customers and prospective customers in a variety of settings. They also tend to be more demanding to organise successfully and can be expensive. Planning is essential along with a detailed approach to ensure nothing is forgotten. There’s nothing more frustrating than setting up equipment on an exhibition booth only to find there are not enough power outlets! With Insight you’re in safe hands! We can put together the whole event for you and working together, we’ll ensure all the details are covered for your event.

  • Exhibitions

    This kind of event can be a major project of work that is time consuming and costly. Not only the event itself, but the planning and preparation that need to be meticulously addressed so you can concentrate on talking to customers once the show opens. We offer a wide range of services, pre-event, during the event and post-event to maximise your ROI and ensure each exhibition is seen as a success.

  • Seminars and Workshops

    If you need to present technical information to educate customers or other stakeholders in your business, or if you need to arrange a hands-on user experience, seminars and workshops create an ideal forum. Whether it’s a one off or a series of events around the country, Insight can arrange venues, invitations, manage the delegate experience and ensure they keep coming back for more.

  • Product Launch

    Recently we asked the Managing Director of a company that manufactures laboratory instruments, “How do you launch new products?” His answer, “By a process of osmosis.” After spending huge sums of money on the development of your new, ground breaking technology, you need to make a ‘splash.’ No only for the media to gain maximum coverage of the launch but for your staff, especially your sales staff, who need to be energised and ‘hungry’ to go out and promote your new product. Having delivered and also been on the receiving end of new product launches, we can give your new products the kick start they deserve.

  • Customer Events

    There may be times when you want to thank your key accounts, or invite key opinion leaders to an informal networking event or you may need to conduct some research in focus groups. Insight can do all the work to ensure you have a smoothly run event where the delegate experience is second to none.

  • Press Events

    When you have an important news story a Press Event can be a great way to get the maximum exposure from a wide range of media. We can manage the venue, the invitations, the press packs, the presentations, the delegate experience and the post-event liaison with editors to get your news published both on line and in print.

Please contact us to arrange an initial discussion about our Event Management services. We’re here to help!