Developing business in Japan

Eliminate language and cultural barriers and get more from this key market

Business in Japan
Japan is one of the worlds largest markets for laboratory technologies, worth in excess of $12 billion per annum. It can also be a very challenging market for those companies that lack the language skills and the cultural awareness so vital for success in the business environment. That’s where Insight Japan can help! We have many years experience of working in Japan, finding and working with distributors, developing OEM partners and establishing legal entities such as the Kabushiki Kaisha (KK – the equivalent of a Limited or Incorporated company). We provide local ‘feet on the street’ to act on your behalf, breaking down the language and cultural barriers so you understand how best to grow your business in Japan.

  • Market Research

    If you are new to the market, we can help with market research to establish the size of the market, where it might be and how best to access it.

  • Channel Development

    We will identify, evaluate and appoint distribution partners ensuring that your interests are protected and a distribution agreement is put in place.

  • Partner Audit

    If you are already represented in Japan but perhaps frustrated with the relationship or the performance of your partner, we can ‘deep dive’ into the current situation and help devise the best way forward. We can help rekindle the relationship or look for alternatives and manage the transition from old to new.

  • Channel Maintenance

    We can work alongside your distributor, acting as your local representative to make sure you get what you need. This might include monthly market reports, activity reports including prospects or new leads generated, a forecast and marketing activities.

  • Incorporation

    If you are ready to establish a legal entity in Japan and take a direct presence in the market, there are several options that we can advise on. Having made a decision on the best route to take, Insight Japan can take care of all the legal requirements, establish banking facilities, find office space and simply create a ‘soft landing’ when incorporating a new Japanese company.

  • Recruitment

    When you are ready to take on new staff, Insight Japan can find the people you need, prescreen them and facilitate the staff selection process. Marketing your company and the role is a particularly important part of the recruitment process in Japan, but this too is an area we can help with.

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